An interesting visit last night to the Tye Green Indoor Bowls Club, which is one of the largest indoor bowls clubs in the country.

I went to meet them to talk about their concerns over the introduction of car parking charges for car parks in the area.

The club is lovely, and provides members with a bar and eating area and plenty of entertainment besides the bowls.

Whilst there was a good mix of ages in evidence, they admitted that the majority of their members were more mature, and had been worried by the consultation.

I was able to talk to them about and show them the details of the recommendation that is going to committee on the 17th which includes offering their members passes at less than a pound a week, like we are offering the shops in the area.

No one likes parking charges, but they understood all about falling income and rising prices, and understood why the council had to look at measures like these. By the time I left they were far happier about the situation than when I arrived.

A nice bunch of people and lovely to find out a bit about a sport, that as I admitted to them, I knew very little about. I might just pop back there sometime and learn a bit more about the game.