You might have seen David Cameron responding to our MP Robert Halfon at Prime Ministers Questions the other day, about Harlow being the best place in the country for business growth.

Jokingly the Prime Minister said “The only way is Essex!”

But he is not wrong, as Amy Childs points out in the Sun, talking about his comment, Essex is a business powerhouse and things are moving in the right direction here, actually helped by Amy and her Towie friends.

Do people still take the mick a bit? Yes.

Are we ashamed of Essex? No!

And frankly if others want to laugh and perpetuate rubbish about Essex just because of petty mindedness, whilst we storm ahead economically, then let them…………..cos obviously they are just well jell!

I think combining these two images tells you all you need to know of my view of the recent events in Portugal!

José Sócrates the Prime Minister of Portugal has resigned after failing to get his austerity measures through the parliament, thanks to the pigheadedness of a sizable left wing politicians, seemingly intent on destroying their own country and indeed trying to take the economies of the rest of Europe with them!

Ridiculously, Portugal will now need an EU/IMF bailout and have to face, as Cranmer points out the very measures that they just voted against.

All the Left in Portugal have succeeded in doing is delaying the inevitable a short while, whilst making the situation for themselves internationally so very much worse, oh and forcing the resignation of someone in Socrates who was actually trying to do the best thing for his country. Still the left will still claim this as “a victory against the cuts” and will leave Britain shouldering an extra £3Billion or so of other peoples debt….

I spent a couple of lovely hours in Number Ten this evening at a reception for Council Leaders with the Prime Minister. I had never been inside the building, though had stared down the street from the railings like most tourists, so I was very excited to go.

Imagine my horror, on arriving in London, to be told that Whitehall was closed off with students blocked in whilst attacking police vans and burning stuff in front of the Cenotaph. I respect anyone’s right to protest, but protest peacefully people, not like a bunch of yobs! So to my disappointment it seemed there was no way of getting into Downing Street….

However the people organising the recption were soon emailing and phoning me with alternative routes to get to the reception, and I am very glad they did. The Prime Minister was on good form, talking to the reception and even found time to talk to each of us and have a few photos taken – Hope to get hold of one and post it for you soon.

It was an incredible experience, and I especially loved walking the staircase that has all the portraits of former PM’s on the wall; It reminded me once again how great our parliamentary democracy has been for so long.

What a great night!

Harlow Conservatives Ladies Committee hosted the 11th Annual Churchillian Dinner tonight, in honour of the former MP for the Harlow area (when it was part of the Epping Constituency) Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill, possibly the greatest Prime Minister this country has ever had.

Another former MP for the town was the Guest of Honour, Lord Norman Tebbit. He gave a rousing speech to the largest Dinner that the Ladies have ever hosted, gaining a standing ovation when leaving. Lord Tebbit spoke on a wide variety of issues from Churchill’s exploits, to his own and Lord Carrington’s in the Cabinet to his thoughts and views on the Coalition Government and the Euro Crisis.

The night raised a lot of money for Harlow Conservatives, including an auction of some rather special items that the Ladies asked me to run, the highlight being a bottle of House of Lords Whiskey signed by that other Conservative Legend – Lady Thatcher.

Of course the Churchillian dinner is never complete without our Annual Awards, where we give an award for long service to the party honouring the memory of our former president Alan Pond and the award for campaigning in the memory of Vince Dunn. The awards went to Andy Shannon and Guy Mitchinson.

All in all a brilliant night, and well done to the Ladies!