So, it’s Mothers Day and that means a rest right? A chance to visit with and spend time relaxing in the comfort of your dear mother…. and no politics right?


The morning started well enough, getting up with the 2 year old daughter, to give Mrs J (the other Councillor Johnson) a lie in as befits the day and her station in our household. Then onto both sets of Parents to see our respective mothers, and shower them with gifts and attention. Easy right? No Politics can creep in there right?

Except for:

  • The A&I agenda for tomorrow night that I was flicking through here and here.
  • Checking through the latest leaflet ideas that had been produced by Cllr Lee Dangerfield.
  • Talking about the upcomming P&R with my dad, when I was with him.
  • Talking about the latest canvassing plans with my father-in-law, when I was with him.
  • Answering some emails sneakily to constituents and members of my group, whilst my wife was not looking……

and so on and so forth.

Because even a day off is never really what it seems to be…..

Still – all three mothers (mum, mother-in-law and wife) liked their presents and cards, so brownie points there!