This morning Mrs Johnson uttered those deadly words… “Lets go Christmas Shopping at Bluewater”

My first reaction was to run screaming in the other direction of course.

However I wasn’t going to get away, and to be fair we did have a lot of presents to get.

So I did what any decent self respecting bloke would do, loaded up the electronics and headed off to follow the wife.

Bluewater has free wireless internet, bonus. So I took my netbook and made sure that every coffee/lunch/snack stop (of which I made sure there were a few) became a chance to browse the web or check emails. It made the whole process a lot more calming for me…. Now about how much we spent…..

Watching the X Factor this evening with Mrs Johnson, I was struck by a brain wave that I just had to let the world know. Mrs Johnson thinks I may have slightly lost my marbles, but I am sure it’s a brilliant idea.

I am fed up with us taking Eurovision seriously only to consistently get Nil Points from everyone else in the “competition”, so lets mix it up. Lets have fun! Lets go absolutely mental!!!!

Wagner for our Eurovision entry!

You know it would work!!!!!