Harlow Council are tomorrow hosting a drop in advice service with Business Link, for anyone thinking about starting their own business, perhaps following redundancy, or for anyone who is already in business and needs advice about coping with the recession.

The surgery is on between 11:00 am and 2:00 pm. Further details can be found here.

When we took control of the Council, one of the immediate changes we made to the corporate priorities as well as the daily business of the council was to promote and work with business in the town – something the previous Labour led administrations had done little about.

I think a thriving business community is very important for driving the other changes that we need in Harlow, like improving our towns infrastructure and our in many ways our towns image.

I think it’s that important that back in December I agreed to sit at a table with the prince of darkness him self – Lord Mandelson, at the opening of the new Business Incubation Centre in Harlow. Although as many commented at the time I did not look happy when he started to talk!!