Every media outlet this morning that I read/listen to from my newspaper to the blogs I read, are all still talking about Jacqui Smiths husbands recreational habits.

At first I was (I know you will be shocked here) sorry for the way she was being treated by the media, after all I reasoned, its not her fault that she is married to a muppet, and anyway mistakes do happen in expenses claims and its only a tenner.

Then I read and thought more. It turns out that the muppet is actually her employed assistant. At £40k. Which is a damn site more than most assistants earn. You start to put that together with her bagloads of cash claimed for her second home… or was that family home (I get confused) and add in Mcnulty’s claims on his mums house, and you start to see a pattern emerging amongst Labour MPs…..

Locally Jacqui’s collegue Bill Rammell, despite claiming over £100,000 himself, is calling for a review of the system, which I totally support. I also think that any review should cover issues like husbands and wives not being allowed to be “paid for” by tax payers cash; I wonder what Mr Rammells view on that is too……..