I am pleased to be able to tell you that Harlow Council has successfully prosecuted a Roydon resident who was dumping waste in Harlow.

On Friday (25th) at Harlow Magistrates Court a 50 year old man from Temple Mead Roydon pleaded guilty to three counts of littering.

At the back end of last year a local resident saw the man dumping rubbish and contacted the council. We take littering very seriously and have prosecuted before and will continue to do so, to try and stop people making our town dirty.

Working with the member of the public we were able to catch the man on CCTV and took him to court.

Although I think the Magistrate was lenient on the man, making him pay £450 clean up costs, our legal cost for prosecuting and giving him a 12 month conditional discharge, I do hope prosecutions like this will put others off doing the same thing.

Harlow will not accept dumpers and litterers and we will prosecute!

Harlow Council has got tough on Harlow benefit cheats with two recent prosecutions.

One case in particular caught my eye – Mrs Marian Wright of Old Harlow, claimed Council Tax benefit despite having whopping undeclared savings of over £48,000! She plead guilty recently at Harlow Magistrates Court.

I think not only is it good that the council is catching people who are cheating the system, but that they are now highlighting the cases like these to the press. Lets hope the local newspapers help us spread the word that Harlow and the Tax Payers of Harlow wont put up with people cheating the system.

For those who might be worried, a change in circumstances can effect your Council tax or Housing benefit, so its best to just talk to the Council and tell them about the change, or else you could be committing benefit fraud.

If you want to report a case of benefit fraud to Harlow Council, you can do so anonymously by calling 01279 446474/446655 or you can email them – fraud@harlow.gov.uk

Well done to the officers involved in detecting and prosecuting this fraud!

Noise nuisance is often very upsetting to people and it occasionally makes an appearance in councillors mail bags as an issue raised by constituents, although it tends to be a seasonal thing, come summer and people throw open their windows and crank up the stereo.

I think we might all have played music loudly at one point or another in our lives and in the most part if you are having a party or a couple of songs on a summer afternoon then most neighbours wont be too bothered, and if they ask you to turn the music down then most people tend to realise that it might have bee a “bit too loud” and gladly lower the volume.

However it’s a bit different if your neighbour keeps playing on and on, even ignoring Council Environmental Health Officers and prosecutions…. As was the case of Mr William Jordan recently.

Mr Jordan, a Harlow Council tenant whose music “caused misery” for neighbours, had his audio equipment confiscated and was also fined £565 when his case came before Harlow Magistrates’ Court a couple of weeks ago.

Mr Jordan had a noise abatement notice served on him which he broke and was prosecuted for, then has a second noise abatement notice served after he continued to cause complaints.

When officers attended just before midnight one night last year they witnessed him in breach of the second noise abatement notice, playing music so loudly that it was stopping neighbours sleeping.

So in November a warrant was granted by magistrates to seize Mr Jordan’s stereo and other audio equipment. The following day Harlow Council officers were accompanied by Police to the property and confiscated the audio equipment including a stereo, sub woofer and loud speakers, and the Council commenced legal proceedings for the offence.

I am determined that Harlow Council takes issues that matter to residents, like noise and litter nuisance seriously and will prosecute where people are making their neighbour’s lives a misery. We all have to have a responsibility to make Harlow a better place to live.

Well done to the Environmental Health and Legal Officers for their work on this!

If you are plagued with noise nuisance in Harlow you can report it by contacting 446111 or email contact@harlow.gov.uk.