coffee-splashNothing starts a Saturday morning better than a cup of coffee (decaf for me) a slice of home made carrot cake and  a chat with good friends!

So this Morning was superb as far s I was concerned.

My long suffering wife Shona is the current Chairman of the Harlow Conservative Ladies Committee, and they organise lots of social and fundraising events.

This morning they organised a Coffee and Chat morning followed by some door knocking and leaflet delivery.

It always amazes me the diversity of Harlow Conservatives and this shows in the conversation from the obvious about our MP Robert Halfon and his fight against the illegal encampments plaguing Harlow at the moment to the Formula One Championship to Strictly come Dancing. Believe it or not people interested in Politics really can be normal!

Today I took one of my Annual Leave days from work.

Was it a Ferris style day of fun? Well not really. Then again it was never actually planned to be!

My daughter’s school finished for Easter break on Friday and so instead of her heading off to spend the day with her Nan, she stayed with me, which I have to say was nice as Daddy/Daughter days don’t come around too often. My daughter reminded me that it is my wife’s birthday at the weekend and insisted we go and buy her a ***** (deleted in case she reads it here!) so off to the town centre we headed.

I have to say I have never had as much fun shopping and stopping for hot chocolates in recent years and can totally reccomend almost five year old daughters as brilliant shopping commpanions for dads – and best of all they don’t complain about spending time in computer game shops!

The afternoon turned out quite useful as with the help of my dad, who had some spare time, we managed a skip run and to buy and replace a cover for the outside of the extractor fan (which was broken).

I had actually taken the day off as I am Agent for the elections for Harlow Conservatives and needed to be in the town in case there were any issues with the applications to run for election, for which the deadline was today at noon. There were no problems and the full list of candidates should be available on Wednesday.

So whilst there were no Ferris escapades, it was a good, productive and fun day.

What a great night!

Harlow Conservatives Ladies Committee hosted the 11th Annual Churchillian Dinner tonight, in honour of the former MP for the Harlow area (when it was part of the Epping Constituency) Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill, possibly the greatest Prime Minister this country has ever had.

Another former MP for the town was the Guest of Honour, Lord Norman Tebbit. He gave a rousing speech to the largest Dinner that the Ladies have ever hosted, gaining a standing ovation when leaving. Lord Tebbit spoke on a wide variety of issues from Churchill’s exploits, to his own and Lord Carrington’s in the Cabinet to his thoughts and views on the Coalition Government and the Euro Crisis.

The night raised a lot of money for Harlow Conservatives, including an auction of some rather special items that the Ladies asked me to run, the highlight being a bottle of House of Lords Whiskey signed by that other Conservative Legend – Lady Thatcher.

Of course the Churchillian dinner is never complete without our Annual Awards, where we give an award for long service to the party honouring the memory of our former president Alan Pond and the award for campaigning in the memory of Vince Dunn. The awards went to Andy Shannon and Guy Mitchinson.

All in all a brilliant night, and well done to the Ladies!

Tonight was the first meeting of the new Regeneration & Enterprise Policy Working Group.

Sadly it was not attended by all political parties. The Lib Dems didn’t send anyone, just like they didn’t send anyone to the Resources working Group the night before. I hope this is not to be a trend. The working groups are an important part of the life of the council and need all the politica groups representated to take part to fully represent the range of views in the town.

The first meeting was concerned with setting the terms of reference for the group, the forward work plan (a couple of good suggestions from the labour member on the group) and recieving some reports on ongoing work.

It’s a slow start but I am very pleased that we have this new working group. It reflects Harlow Conservatives committment to business in the town and a desire to do things differently from how they have always been done and reflects our top Corporate priority – to regenerate Harlow.

If we were to have a Cabinet system tomorrow I would definatly have a cabinet member for Regeneration and Enterprise because the two subject matters are so important to Harlow.