I had only just published my previous post when another Harlow Conservative Councillor drew my attention to a previous email that Manny Doku wrote just a few days ago on the same subject.

I currently have a permit to park at the civic centre car park because I needed one. Without that ‘perk’, I may have to walk (and may be late for meetings as I do have other calls on my time), or take a taxi on every occasion and claim same from the council (which will add up to more than the cost of permit, perhaps).
Again we are not staff and, like some company directors ( and I am one), do have to have some form of ‘special treatment’ because of sacrifices they tend to make in some cases.

It seems Cllr Doku likes his “perks” and considers being a Councillor makes him worthy of “special treatment”!

Perhaps Cllr Doku should be reminded, that it is a privilege to serve his community and that he already recieves an allowance for doing so. And after all as he points out, he is a “company director” as well, which I am sure remunerates him well too…..

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For those that worry, like Cllr Doku, that he might be late if he walked to meetings, you may want to check a map. Cllr Doku’s published address is CM18 6DN and the Civic Centre is CM20 1WG.

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