A step back from politics for a moment for the most important debate of our times that is raging at the moment – Hot Cross Buns!

You see my friend Peter has been having a bit of a debate on his blog about Hot Cross Buns here.

Now having been brought up as a Catholic boy, I know that you should only eat them from Good Friday onwards, but like so many traditions that really has gone by the wayside these days, indeed growing up I remember with fondness the taste of freshly toasted buns with lashings of marg.

Still, I was going to try and keep to the Easter only idea this year.

That was until I got home from canvassing this evening to find my wife whipping some cream, with a pot of raspberry jam on the side and buns ready for toasting. Needless to say I was easily tempted and I can report to you all that Hot Cross Buns, served like cream tea scones are really most excellent!
The normal bin days and recycling days will be changing over the Easter holiday because there are not going to be any collections on both Good Friday and Easter Monday.

Harlow Council has published information about this here and details of which collection day you are already here.

I have summarised the revised collections dates below:

Normal date Revised date
Fri 10/04/09 Sat 11/04/09
Mon 13/04/09 Tue 14/04/09
Tue 14/04/09 Wed 15/04/09
Wed 15/04/09 Thur 16/04/09
Thur 16/04/09 Fri 17/04/09
Fri 17/04/09 Sat 18/04/09

Please remember not to put your rubbish out the night before if you don’t have wheeled bins, as the foxes and cats as we know will have an Easter Party.

For those who generate an excess of Rubbish or Recycling over the Easter period and don’t want to wait for the regular rubbish or recycling collection there is always the Civic Amenity Point (or Dump as it’s known in my house!) run by Essex County Council, which is open all holiday including Easter Sunday, details here.