The effective occupation of the Crimea by Russia has this morning been hailed as one of the most dangerous moments of the 21st century and follows an all too well historically established route.

For EU countries this should not just be about defending a far-off small country on NATO’s Eastern Border.

This is the middle game period in an already well developed Russian strategy to regain territory that the Russian people and importantly President Putin believes are Russian by right, historically linguistically and culturally.

To look at the build up to Crimea is to see a disturbing similarity eighty years before.

Since 2008, the Georgian government has lost control of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, both effectively annexed by Russia.

Though they are still unrecognised as separate countries by almost all of the world, the two territories have effectively become Russian.

The international community’s response?

UN talks to try to resolve the dispute have got nowhere and Russian appeasement has been rife in case of retaliation by Gazprom, the Russian State owned Gas company, for whom most of Europe depend for a large amount of their Gas supplies .

Given that the international community has done nothing to stop Russia, now Crimea has effectively been annexed and still the international community is relying on “harsh words” diplomacy, leaving the fledgling, democratically elected, Ukrainian government to sabre rattle on their own.

Let’s look back 80 years at another country that believed it’s People historically,  linguistically and culturally extended beyond their own borders.


In 1935 a majority of Germanic population allowed Germany to take back control of the Saar.

Then in 1936 in violation of an international treaty the Germans re-militarized the Rhineland.

During the period they were arming and providing military aid to Franco in Spain, then in 1938 with the Anschluss Austria became a part of Germany.

The Germans, not being stopped by the international community with anything other than words, only continued demanding first the Sudetenland and then eventually taking the whole of  Czechoslovakia.

Only with the invasion and annexation of Poland in 1939 were other countries finally willing to act.

What will be Poland this time round….?

Can we afford to wait and find out?

I think combining these two images tells you all you need to know of my view of the recent events in Portugal!

José Sócrates the Prime Minister of Portugal has resigned after failing to get his austerity measures through the parliament, thanks to the pigheadedness of a sizable left wing politicians, seemingly intent on destroying their own country and indeed trying to take the economies of the rest of Europe with them!

Ridiculously, Portugal will now need an EU/IMF bailout and have to face, as Cranmer points out the very measures that they just voted against.

All the Left in Portugal have succeeded in doing is delaying the inevitable a short while, whilst making the situation for themselves internationally so very much worse, oh and forcing the resignation of someone in Socrates who was actually trying to do the best thing for his country. Still the left will still claim this as “a victory against the cuts” and will leave Britain shouldering an extra £3Billion or so of other peoples debt….

As Ireland continue to struggle financially and other European nations start to debate the benefits or not of a £70 Billion bailout, with some like Finland strongly opposing, the EU president is warning that the EU is in a “Survival Crisis”.

I don’t think that the EU faces a survival crisis, but the Euro as we know it probably does.

Because I don’t think Ireland is the end of the problems; I suspect Spain, Portugal and Italy are all heading the same way, and somehow I don’t think that the Key Euro Players (Germany and France) will really be up for so many bailouts.

So, just like Britain and the ERM, we will probably see Ireland and Portugal/Spain and maybe Italy forced out of the present Eurozone, to protect jobs and inflation in Germany and France.

Will the Euro crumble? Probably not but a core germanic, charlemange like empire of the Euro will continue.

And do you know the worst thing? British tax payers may end up picking up some of the bill whilst eurocrats try to save a currency that shouldn’t exist in the first place…..

Have I woken up in a Parallel Universe???

Has the world fallen off it’s hinges??

Did time warp overnight?

I woke this morning to the news that Prisoners are being given the vote, over our heads by the EU and the damned Human Rights Act and that France and Britain are to start sharing Military power…

I spotted this on ConservativeHome today and as you can imagine was not best pleased.  If this is the truth then someone in Central Government needs a good talking to. Preferably from a hard case like “Our Chum” Mr Pickles.

It cannot be right in a time of fiscal meltdown, recovering from the mess that Gordon Brown has left us with, when all decent areas of Government are desperately trying to reduce spend, to spend even more on Europe!

I don’t think we get value for money at the moment, one reason why I think organisations like the ENTP are so important to funnel European Cash (British Taxpayers Money!!!) back to British Councils!