Tonight was one of those good evenings, where the Full Council in Harlow got to talk about the good things about Harlow; and the future.

Full Council is a chance for all of the councillors to get together and discuss important issues, move motions for consideration and ask questions of me as Council Leader, and the Committee Chairmen.

The First motion that I had put forward for discussion, was one that I was really proud to speak on.

It was granting the Freedom of Entry to the town by the Essex Yeomanry as part of our St. George’s week of celebrations. Its the first time that the freedom of entry to Harlow has ever been granted, and to do something to support our boys and girls, who are based in our town, we felt was important. The Essex Yeomanry, who have a 220 year connection with Harlow, are territorials and shortly due to head out to Afghanistan. We thought it would be a nice way for our community to show how valued they are. Its also nice to make it part of St. George’s week (note WEEK not DAY!).

Since taking control of the Council last year, The Conservatives have made a number of these small but important firsts. We have hung a portrait of Her Majesty for the first time ever, appointed the first Council Chaplain, and held the first ever Civic service. Now the first ever Freedom of Entry, with full parade raising money for the Armed Forces Benevolent Fund, Help for Heroes and the Chairman of the Council’s charity Child Victims of Crime. It promises to be a great day. So if you are in or around Harlow on the 25th April, then do please come to the town centre and see the parade!