I am pleased to be able to tell you that Harlow Council has successfully prosecuted a Roydon resident who was dumping waste in Harlow.

On Friday (25th) at Harlow Magistrates Court a 50 year old man from Temple Mead Roydon pleaded guilty to three counts of littering.

At the back end of last year a local resident saw the man dumping rubbish and contacted the council. We take littering very seriously and have prosecuted before and will continue to do so, to try and stop people making our town dirty.

Working with the member of the public we were able to catch the man on CCTV and took him to court.

Although I think the Magistrate was lenient on the man, making him pay £450 clean up costs, our legal cost for prosecuting and giving him a 12 month conditional discharge, I do hope prosecutions like this will put others off doing the same thing.

Harlow will not accept dumpers and litterers and we will prosecute!

Cllr Lee Dangerfield has just breifed me on some of the happenings at a meeting with South Anglia Housing, on the Berecroft estate.

Apparently SAH have now given a commitment to:

Install CCTV on the estate to combat anti social behaviour, as requested by the residents.
Improve the hardstanding areas of the estate
Continue the process of removing and replacing guttering

They haven’t yet given a commitment to work on the garage improvements.

Overall some really good news for the people who live in Berecroft.

Well done to Cllr Dangerfield for helping get this stuff done!