The normal bin days and recycling days will be changing over the Easter holiday because there are not going to be any collections on both Good Friday and Easter Monday.

Harlow Council has published information about this here and details of which collection day you are already here.

I have summarised the revised collections dates below:

Normal date Revised date
Fri 10/04/09 Sat 11/04/09
Mon 13/04/09 Tue 14/04/09
Tue 14/04/09 Wed 15/04/09
Wed 15/04/09 Thur 16/04/09
Thur 16/04/09 Fri 17/04/09
Fri 17/04/09 Sat 18/04/09

Please remember not to put your rubbish out the night before if you don’t have wheeled bins, as the foxes and cats as we know will have an Easter Party.

For those who generate an excess of Rubbish or Recycling over the Easter period and don’t want to wait for the regular rubbish or recycling collection there is always the Civic Amenity Point (or Dump as it’s known in my house!) run by Essex County Council, which is open all holiday including Easter Sunday, details here.

Up to 30,000 people across Essex are going to be given £100 to help them with their Council Tax in these economically difficult times.

The Conservative administration at County Hall, have decided that those in most need, families with young children and those over 80 years of age should receive financial assistance.

Essex residents are of course already benefiting from the lowest council tax rise in the county in history.

A number of people reciveing this £100 will be from Harlow, and I was really happy when Lord Hanningfield the leader of Essex County Council told me about the scheme.

Harlow District Council are helping to distribute the money to those people who meet the criteria.

Of course the ability to pass this money back to hard pressed tax payers has only been achieved by the sound financial management of Essex County Council by Lord Hanningfield and his Conservative team;

A big difference to the previous Lib/Lab adminsitration who drained the reserves, a situation those of you who know Harlow will not be surprised by!

Further details of the £100 pound give back can be found here.

Well done Lord Hanningfield – this is the kind of thing that makes Conservative councils different.

My attention was drawn to this

Now I like a joke as much as the next man.

And I may have told the odd Essex Girl joke in my time… I am allowed as I was born in Essex

And I don’t even have a problem with MP’s having a sense of humour – and I know they do – have you seen some of Bill Rammell’s suits?

What I do object to is the use of time in parliament to make such snide remarks about what I frankly think is a cracking county!

In the middle of a debate about what legacy the Olympics will leave behind it, following a question from Chelmsford’s MP about serious issues, this Muppet thinks its OK to joke about white high heels and medallions.

Does he really care so little for Parliament and the honour he has in representing his constituency?

If that’s the way he sees parliament then he should leave… then again he has already announced his intention to do so (on 12th May 2008), so it looks like he is “just having a laugh” until the election then.