It was not the best of nights for my team.

Labour managed to gain control of the Council.

What are my initial thoughts on the campaign?

People told us last night that they weren’t coming out to vote for a wide variety of reasons, but not one of those reasons was about Local Council issues. Not one. We had a large number of people who regularly vote Conservative who decided to just stay at home. All of them wanted to send David Cameron and George Osborne, be it over general dissatisfaction with the government direction, fuel tax, not liking the Coalition, Cameron’s comments on gay marriage, defence cuts, budget mess ups, grannies, pasties and a general malaise with the national politicians.

Taking a quick look at the stats also shows me, that in Harlow, we outperformed the national; which suggests our campaigning was good and that our Party locally, including our very good MP Rob Halfon are respected by a core of our voters.

Overall my message to David Cameron today?

Get a grip!

The country is facing hard times and we have seen enough cock ups from Downing Street.

Being busily wrapped up in election campaigning at the moment, my odd flights of fancy are often election related.

I can easily imagine the following scenario:

The Morning of May 6th dawns

The Labour party have made a lot of inroads in councils up and down the country, winning seats mainly at the expense of the Lib Dems.  Conservative heartland has not been decimated, as a lot of Conservative voters are giving the coalition a chance, and the council tax freeze has had the effect of softening the other cuts.

The Lib Dems have frankly been torn apart, losing 1000 councillors, particularly in University Towns and Cities where angry students leave them in droves.

They also lost the AV vote.

Their leader is talking up the party but lid dem activists, who have been given a mid term bloody nose that the conservatives are all to used to, are not used to feeling like this. They are not used to being the party that is being protested against, more used to picking up anti-government votes.

They are angry, and most of them are considerably more left than their leader, who to top it all is caught on microphone congratulating his mate Cameron on a better performance.

Most of the activists only stomached the coalition in the first place because of the offer of AV, now that it has failed a number of disheartened and defeated councillors and candidates are wondering why they bothered.

Within hours the revolt is underway.

Huhne, who has been rumoured to be sniffing about on manoeuvres for months, is refusing to talk to the media to offer opinions, but “sources close to him” say he is considering if his position in the coalition is now untenable.

Cable is telling anyone who will listen that if only George Osborne had taken more of his advice the country’s economy would be far better off already.

Meanwhile Charles Kennedy is making no comment on reports that he is in secret talks with Ed Milliband to bring a sizeable contingent of the party across the floor in one go; reports that no Labour Minister will deny.

A group of sandal wearing party members have already launched a Facebook campaign to call on their political seniors to cut ties with the Tories, and a number of constituency parties are organising Special General Meetings.

Caroline Lucas, who had a good night picking up more councillors, is touring the TV studios talking once more about a progressive coalition…..


I fully support the idea of scrapping Child Benefit payments for the well off.  HOWEVER, like a number of people, I don’t think George Osborne has really thought the delivery of this one through. How can it be fair that in one house, two people earning 40k each (combined income of 80k) will still be in receipt of the benefit, but the house next door, where only one person works and earns 45k (other partner looks after the children) wont get the benefit. That is just ludicrous.

The excuse? The tax system is too complex to cope with anything more detailed. You know what that says to me? That the tax system needs a comprehensive overhaul rather than continuing to tinker round the edges!

I don’t disagree with the sentiment, I do strongly disagree with the proposed delivery.