Well that was a new experience for me, talking live to the whole nation; one I think I could get used to as well.

I just wish they could have warned me, that their programme had changed and that they wanted a Conservative to talk in support of the Council spending cuts, rather than spending time with me going through the details of Harlow Council’s support for the Localism Bill off air…Still as I have been reminded, “That’s Showbiz!”

As it was, I would like to think I was realistic – noone wants to make cuts to council services, but if the money isn’t there…..

The Labour Leader of Coventry was rather stuck in the past, talking about Thatcher and said there was no more fat to cut out of Councils. I have to disagree, there are always things that can be done better and cheaper!

Just been prepped for a radio session later tonight with Five Live.

They spent a good ten minutes going through with me how Harlow was leading the way on theLocalism agenda, after Eric’s promotion of the Localism Bill today.

I particularly like the changes in planning laws, and the “opening” up of the democratic process.

All very positive. I hope the session goes as well.

I will be on between 10:30 and 11pm