Yesterday I had a fun day out with my six year old daughter! We went to the Natural History Museum, which was a great deal of fun.

As we were arriving, out of the tunnel from the station, there were a pair of mum’s with a couple of children about my daughters age but each also with a child in a buggy. They were stood at the exit to the tunnel at the base of a set of steps pondering their ascent.

I remember how difficult this was from our time with a buggy. In fact one of our friends and I carried a buggy up and down a lot of steps, particularly in Italy and France, which are not the most buggy friendly of nations.

Anyway, I was always taught to be a gentleman, and so offered to help carry the buggys up the stairs.

Sadly this seemed to shock them.

A lot!

As I made the two trips up the stairs both ladies expressed their thanks but in such a way to suggest that I was doing something out of the ordinary.

This made me sad. Has it really come to this in our country that people are now surprised by small acts of kindness from strangers?

What sort of world do we live in that kindness is now considered strange?

Please help me change this attitude. From today I am going to attempt to encourage everyone I know to do one kind thing for a stranger every day. Perhaps like the film suggests we can all “pay it forward” and make our world just that little bit better.

Guido led with an interesting piece this morning, about the Greek bail out and Eurozone aid being given to Greece.

Apparently Eurozone countries today lent Greece €4.2 Billion just shortly before Greece is due to repay €3.3 Billion to the ECB….. So basically we are not bailing out Greece, we are bailing out the European Banks.

Meanwhile the Greeks still can’t form a government, based on the fact that most Greeks have voted for anti-bailout parties.

If only there was another way…

But there is!

Apologies, I know I am starting to sound like Hannan and Carswell but the only logical answer, as I have said before, is for Greece to Default on the debt, Decouple from the Euro and Devalue their currency.

This would get the Greeks out of the farce that is the current bailout and enable them to be masters of their own destiny once again.

Please note – this suggestion has nothing to do with me fancying a cheap Greek Island summer holiday – but when we all take them spending our New Drachma it will certainly help the Greek economy recover.

 It looks like same sex marriage, despite being a states issue, has now become a presidential race issue. Obama has announced he is supportive but crucially he has tried to make a Biblical/Christian argument for that support.

His Grace has pointed out that Obama had clearly used his Christianity in arguments to oppose same sex marriage in previous elections. I wonder what could have possibly caused his about face? Surely not his impending re-election campaign? (far to cynical me!)

His Grace also points out the way the media treat those with right wing Christian viewpoints as demented nut jobs, but welcomes “Christian input” from the left…. I think thats true in this country but not as true in America, where the Religious Right carries considerably more weight than here.

Returning to Obama and why he has made this statement, for me, the most incisive view has been expressed by Peter Ould who suggests that Obama’s new held views may be as a result of trying to trip his Mormon Republican opponent up in the election.

It would be a sad world if it were true that an American President were to not just play politics but to play religion, just for his own political ends…. But again the cynic in me finds Peter’s analysis to be on the nail.

I wonder if it will backfire on him and make the Religious Right coalesce around Romney in a way that they previously wouldn’t have?

It was not the best of nights for my team.

Labour managed to gain control of the Council.

What are my initial thoughts on the campaign?

People told us last night that they weren’t coming out to vote for a wide variety of reasons, but not one of those reasons was about Local Council issues. Not one. We had a large number of people who regularly vote Conservative who decided to just stay at home. All of them wanted to send David Cameron and George Osborne, be it over general dissatisfaction with the government direction, fuel tax, not liking the Coalition, Cameron’s comments on gay marriage, defence cuts, budget mess ups, grannies, pasties and a general malaise with the national politicians.

Taking a quick look at the stats also shows me, that in Harlow, we outperformed the national; which suggests our campaigning was good and that our Party locally, including our very good MP Rob Halfon are respected by a core of our voters.

Overall my message to David Cameron today?

Get a grip!

The country is facing hard times and we have seen enough cock ups from Downing Street.