When a work friend asked me what I was doing Saturday night, I told him we had friends coming over for dinner.

He remarked about how nice it would be to have a “night off” from politics.

And then I thought about it……

The couple who are coming for dinner are both District Councillors. My wife and I are both District Councillors… All four of us on the same Council. But its worse than that, it wont just be four Councillors round the dinner table.

Between the four of us there will be the Group Leader and Group Whip. The Chairman of the Conservative Association and the Deputy Chairman Political. The Chairman and Secretary of the Ladies Committe of the Association.

Yes – Politics take up a fair chunk of our life and time.

So to misquote the advert

Ingrediants £30
Wine £20
The ability to get to dessert without talking politics – Priceless!