It was @harlowtorygirl birthday yesterday, so I missed the “live” announcement that Rick Santorum accepted defeat and cleared the way for the Race proper to begin. Admittedly Newt and Ron Paul are still hanging about like bad smells, but effectively the primaries are now over.

And so, providing nothing crazy happens, former Masachusetts governor Mitt Romney will be the man to face Barack Obama in November.

Romney starts well behind in the polls, probably because of the brutallity of the Republican primary, but as Mike Smithson points out Romneys tactics could well deal with this gap in the polls quite easily.

Many have accused Romney of not being ‘Republican enough’ in the primaries, but I have a sneaking suspicion that things will change as the race proper begins. I suspect we will se the romney camp try and put a clear dividing  line between him and Obama on Tax levels for a start.

One thing for sure – With the actual race now starting, things are going to get very interesting!

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