This morning news agencies are busy reporting that the relationship between Britain and America is a “unique asset” for the world, and that between Cameron and Obama, there is hardly anything they can’t do….

Together in the Washington Post they write “But what makes our relationship special – a unique and essential asset, for our nations and the world – is that we join hands across so many endeavours. Put simply, we count on each other and the world counts on our alliance.”


It’s about time America took a look at the “special relationship” and gave it a bit of love and attention;things that have been sadly lacking under the current president. But what about our side of the relationship?

During the visit there will be a state dinner and seats at a basketball match, so perhaps Mr Cameron would like to push Obama to  actually support us in some of our problems. I am thinking of course about the Falklands.

The Obama government has taken a distinctly difficult position on this issue, keen to support the leftist governments, of what is a key market for the US, South America. But it is time for them to “man up” and prove who their friends really are.

Come on Obama, if the relationship is that special, then support us on the Falklands!

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