The Harlow Star broke the news this morning that one of the men who tried to steal the Gerda Rubenstein sculpture   Julia, back in January, was caught and then let off with a caution…. A CAUTION!?!

I was shouting about it in the car, to my workmate (who was in total agreement with me, and got quite incensed!)

Now I don’t know who the chap is, or what his previous criminal record may be, but he prized the statue off its plinth,      carried it away and dumped it in a wheelie bin, only when confronted by a have a go hero. The least he should have been charged with was destruction of public property, but in reality this was theft.

How on earth are we going to decrease metal thefts like the Holocaust memorial plaque if we offer no disincentive?

I will be on BBC Essex this afternoon talking about this and my outrage.

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