The BBC have a story that Barack Obama has launched his campaign for re-election. We actually he hasn’t launched his campaign, in fact he is no where near it, but a few people in Middle America, who match certain demographic profiles and have no surnames have featured in an online vid saying why they think Obama needs to re reun, without exaclty giving any specifics…..


Where is the candidate himself, why is he not trumpeting the key achievements he has made so far and what he wants to do with another four years? Obama will soon be bogged down in campaign mode trading blows with potential republican oppositions and his official relaunch was the one moment to capture a nation, indeed a worlds attention and actually say something…..

For those of us not represented by Obama (the rest of the world!) the idea of four more years of dithering foreing policy and the dragging to the left of the US economy is a nightmare bad enough, but for those of us in Britain who still have respect for that “special relationship” its a nightmare not even worth pondering. Obama has consistently looked down on Britain and shown he has no interest in the special relationship, except when a chance to diminish it comes along. Take the Falklands for instance! The Obama administration has taken to using the Argentine name for them, if that was not a clear slap in the face for Britain then I don’t know what would be.

Perhaps Obama is not fronting his re-election campaign personally because he hasn’t really

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