Watching the News on Saturday Evening I was of course interested in the TUC march through London and some of the views expressed by the people interviewed.

There were plenty of people who were carrying placards clearly calling for “No Cuts” and it seems even Ed Milliband was booed by the crowd when he talked about the Cuts Labour would have made.

What enraged me and, as it turns out, most of my friends who I have spoken to about it is the number of people at the march who really believe that there is no need to make cuts, and when asked what alternative, they offered “Higher Taxes” as a response.

I can asssure you now that if the Government took the attitude that the only way out to balance the budget was to increase taxes dramatically we would not be debating if it was 250,000 or 400,000 people at the march – it would be millions and millions!

Hard pressed tax payers in this country don’t often protest or scream and shout, most of the workforce just gets on with it and pays their tax, but if any Government was to follow the advice of the TUC and their buddies then the Silent Majority in this land would, I am sure, clamour to the streets to make their voice heard.

And that’s why I don’t put much store in the protests of the Left on Saturday. The Unions are only just realising that they lost the last election and now its time for some common sense in the economy. Thankfully we don’t live in a country where the person who shouts the loudest gets their way – we live in a democracy.

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