I think combining these two images tells you all you need to know of my view of the recent events in Portugal!

José Sócrates the Prime Minister of Portugal has resigned after failing to get his austerity measures through the parliament, thanks to the pigheadedness of a sizable left wing politicians, seemingly intent on destroying their own country and indeed trying to take the economies of the rest of Europe with them!

Ridiculously, Portugal will now need an EU/IMF bailout and have to face, as Cranmer points out the very measures that they just voted against.

All the Left in Portugal have succeeded in doing is delaying the inevitable a short while, whilst making the situation for themselves internationally so very much worse, oh and forcing the resignation of someone in Socrates who was actually trying to do the best thing for his country. Still the left will still claim this as “a victory against the cuts” and will leave Britain shouldering an extra £3Billion or so of other peoples debt….

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