A really good meeting of the Regeneration working group on Harlow Council last night, discussing the redevelopment of Market Square.

The whole of the Town Centre North redevelopment may have been slowed by the recession but we are keen to ensure we revive the market as quickly as possible.

The plan includes collapsible stalls instead of the present metal monstrosities and a lot more “green” in the form of trees and grass. There is also a plan for a young children’s play area to encourage more activity in and around the market square, a performance area and even a sculpture space – Harlow’s equivalent of the Trafalgar Square 4th plinth!

The good news is that in working with and talking to the current stall holders we have found a way to do the redevelopment without moving them off site for the duration of the works.

I am really looking forward to a more “open” and vibrant market square.

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