My attention has been drawn to this article published yesterday.

Now Bill and I have fought elections on opposing sides for some 12 years, and I bear him no ill will; So well done on getting a job in a sector that you have always been passionate about Bill, education.

However from Harlow to Plymouth is by my estimation a 5 hour car journey each way or about the same by train, having to negotiate London on the tube too.  So I don’t think it would be a realistic daily commute…

Perhaps Bill intends on a weekly commute? Joining the raft of people who work away from home during the week and see their family at the weekend.

Or perhaps we are to lose “Harlow Boy” Bill from Harlow all together….

That would be a sad day for the Harlow Labour Party, since Bill has been their backbone for many years.

I wish Bill good luck in his new Job, but should I be wishing him good luck for a new life and maybe in a few years time a new parliamentary seat???

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