It is being reported in the Guardian and the Standard that ASLEF the loony trade union that represents Tube drivers is threatening a Strike on the day of the Royal Wedding (29th April); A day that is expected to see record numbers of tourists and well wishers in and around the Capital for the festivities. How nice of them….

Having already caused absolute chaos on Boxing Day this year to hundreds of thousands of shoppers, they now feel that they can continue to hold the capital to ransom, again!

Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing wrong with unions per se, although I might have irreverently referred to them as legalised terrorists under my breath occasionally. I understand and agree with the need to protect workers rights, indeed my father was Co-Chairman of the in-house union in the firm he worked for all his life. I understand that workers rights are sometimes trodden on by a management team that sometimes don’t care….

So what are these hard pressed workers so upset about that they threaten to bring the capital to a standstill? A massive cut in their pay packets? An increase in working hours? A decrease in the viability of their working environment?

Of course not! These drivers, who earn on average £45,000 per year and enjoy Seven weeks holiday a year, are asking for triple pay and a day off in lieu for working a Bank Holiday. And their nasty management have said no.

Damn right they have said no! Do tube drivers live in the real world? The real world where £45k is a very tasty wage that many would love to have. The real world where 7 weeks holiday already takes into account the fact that you work a rota that includes weekends and Bank Holidays….. They obviously don’t live in the same real world as the rest of us.

Come off it Aslef – Your members signed contracts of employment, very generous contracts many would argue and using strike tactics now to try and ask for triple pay and a day off in lieu for working a bank holiday, whilst the rest of the country puts its shoulder to the grindstone in a time of economic trouble is not only disgustingly self centered, it’s just plain wrong and does unions as a whole a grave disservice.

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