At the Board meeting of Harlow Renaissance tonight, in the public session, we had a really interesting report back on a piece of work we have been doing looking at the proposed Junction 7A of the M11 motorway.

The study showed exactly how gridlocked Harlow can become and where the key pinch points were, it also showed that a single lane (not my preference) relief road and fresh junction to the north of the town would provide immediate relief from the traffic. Interestingly the study showed that by 2021 the new road could be at 90% capacity – clearly showing how much such a change is needed!

My preference is of course for a dual carriageway relief road, which would not reach capacity as quickly, but of course would be more expensive. Talking of expense, the study also showed that a new junction would be no where near as expensive as originally thought, costing somewhere in the region of £15 Million, which whilst still being a lot of money is considerably more affordable than previously quoted figures.

The junction is still a long way off but this study is a key step on the road to achieving it, and the start of a very good case to lobby the government with!

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