As we all return to work in 2011, I have found myself looking back over 2010.

2010 was the year I really “got” blogging, reading much more than in previous years, and starting to blog properly myself.

Its been a year that has seen the demise of some notable blogs, with Iain Dale, Tom Harris and Tory Bear “passing away”, but I think the Blogosphere has changed in more ways than losing some serious bloggers and gaining new talents too…

The main stream media is now much more blog aware, and blogs are starting to lead rather than just follow the media cycle. With the rise of twitter for advertising ones blog, bloggers are now setting the agenda.

We have also seen blogs branching out, take ConHome as an example, with the launch of their USA site; looking at new material and new audiences.

Talking of ConHome, it may just be me, but I think it has changed in the last three months. Not dramatically. Not even really perceptibly even, but it has changed, I am sure of it! It doesn’t seem to cover as much material and it certainly has decided to be “a critical friend” to the Coalition…

But more than anything I think the Left are catching up on the right in their use of the Blogosphere and the Right of British Politics need to respond. I am not saying that British Right of Centre Blogs are not good, they most assuredly are! But they need to organise, they need to fight their corner and they need to not drift to the left as the Conservative Party is naturally doing due to its working relationship with the Lib Dems in Parliament.

There is something to be said for the Centre Right of the Blogosphere standing loud and proud and laying out who we are and what we stand for.

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