Blogging Guru and big daddy of them all, Iain Dale has decided to quit blogging today.

I don’t think there is much doubt that on the right of centre, Iain and Guido lead the way, breaking more stories and making more comment than most others.

The right wing of the Blogosphere is today weakened.

Whilst not seeing eye to eye with Iain about everything he blogged on, he was always one of my “must reads” each day, with a humour I rather admire. I don’t blame him for quitting, his reasons are realistic, but I do think his stepping back from campaigning for the Conservative cause is a big deal – He could and should have been an MP right now were it not for…circumstance. His unique take on things will be missed.

I wonder if this signals an opening on the right of centre?

Who will be the next big blog to take Iain’s place?

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