It may well sound boring, and sometimes I am sure we all do find it so, but one of the important things that happens every month in my diary, is the Harlow Conservative Group Meeting.  I just go back from this months meeting.

It’s  a regular meeting, where all of the Conservative Councillors in Harlow get together, to look at what has been done over the previous month, what is planned in coming months, get briefed by experts in certain fields and have policy discussions as well as pass on tidbits of information that other councillors may find useful.

Tonight we discussed the forthcoming budget, and although not yet in possession of the details of our councils support grant from government we were able to firm up a number of things that we have been looking at. We also of course discussed Thursdays full council meeting. Strangely the opposition have not submitted any motions or questions…. it must be near Christmas!

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