Talking last night with some friends, we got onto X Factor and what we all thought of the contestants. There is, amongst my friends at least, a real dislike of Wagner and amazement that he is still in the competition. There are obviously a whole group of people who want to firebomb Cowell’s project. But is it really hurting Simon’s empire? People are still talking about and watching the X Factor and people are voting – indeed they must be spending a fortune to keep Wagner in the competition, and I can’t see Mr Cowell worrying about that.

The biggest question my friends asked was “What if Wagner wins?”. There was a concensus that if he won the competition would be ruined and I tend to agree, if Wagner wins then the X Factor wont last for another season. I suspect Simon Cowell understands that too, and wont want to lose his cash cow. So does Simon have a plan?

If I was Simon I would simply change the voting system on the final if Wagner gets through. Instead of voting for who to save, I would invite the public to vote for who they want to get rid of, knowing that that voting power of the anti Wagner groups is probably stronger than those of the pro Wagner groups, and hey, he would make more money into the bargain!

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