I am a big supporter of Children in Need. I like the fact that it’s a charity that works soley in the UK and helps kids. As a Father I now understand that there is nothing more important than a child.

However I just screamed at the TV in anger when watching the “best of” Children in Need programme. Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton were racing karts round a track to help raise money for the charity. How dare these two men act so hypocritically!

Neither of these “stars” are UK residents and both have taken their sizeable incomes offshore to avoid paying UK tax, Lewis to Switzerland and Jenson to Monaco! When Lewis made the decision to go off shore, Christian Aid criticisedhim specifically along with other celebrities, claiming that millions of children’s lives could be made better with the tax that they were avoiding!

Now they both have the gall to appear on TV asking hard pressed tax payers to dig deep, whilst avoiding paying even a basic tax, a portion of which goes towards the health and education services that make up the backbone of the care packages that most of the Children featured in the programme receive.

They are all powerful superstars who earn Millions, yet don’t care enough about their country to support the tax system. Cheek!

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