Yes, its the day of the CSR (Comprehensive Spending Review). The day that we all find out exactly how much will be cut from each Government department budget. I will be particularly paying attention to what is said about the Communities and Local Government budget, as a key source of Council income is the grant that we get from CLG.

No-matter what people say, I know that this is needed; the country cannot go on spending SOOOO much more than it earns, that much is a no brainer, but there is no doubt this will be painful. However I want to pass on any cuts in the Councils budget to the people of Harlow fairly and sensitively, which is why I have already spent so much time working on options for the Councils budget. No decision have yet been taken, and it would be foolish to do so before we know the details of the cuts we may get, but I have been planning for a variety of different scenarios.

We will find out more at 12:30….

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