The Harlow Council consultation on moving to Executive Arrangements is drawing to a close, and I am reflecting on what the results will be.

I can see a number of possibilities ahead:

  1. The People will overwealmingly back the move to Executive arrangements (during the process not many who want a change have expressed for me a preference for Leader or Mayor)
  2. I have misjudged the mood of the people who will overwealmingly vote for the existing committee system.
  3. The ballot is really close, leading to much further discussion
  4. Hardly anyone excercises their chance to have a say and it is left up to the politicians to take the idea further.

I obviously hope the first happens, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the last will be the outcome.

We held three open sessions to allow the public to come and hear about the options and give us their feedback. The sessions were at varied times and days to allow those who work all day/those who don’t go out at night to attend, and yet the combined attendance was only eight people. Not a total disaster as at least those who wanted more information were able to come.  Sadly opposition councillors didnt attend two of them, despite pledging to take full part in the process.  Instead they have publically urged their membership to all reply supporting the committee system (strange when you think Labour introduced the Executive options in Local Government)

I hope that the turnout is really high and that all of harlow have excercised their right to give us their views. I fear it may not be.

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