The saga of Maunds Hatch has been going on now for 8 years, but last night at the Executive Committee meeting of Harlow Council it may have reached some form of conclusion.

You see, about 8 years ago some land around Maunds Hatch was sold for housing and some money (about£ 350k) was put aside for use in the nearby community. Initially there were some grand plans for a rebuild of the community centre at Maunds Hatch and architects were even hired to do some drawings. Sadly the project lost key tenant after key tenant as various sporting clubs and community organisations couldn’t agree.

Then in 2007/8 when the Liberal/Labour Coalition then running Harlow, were trying to balance the budget they used the money. It didn’t “go missing” or “disappear” as some Labour members suggested last night. The then administration removed the ring fence, and raided the pot, just like they raided so many others, like the Church Langley Reserve.

The issue came to the Executive last night because the GPCA who are trying to keep the building in community use by using part of it as a nursery need some money spent on the building if it is staying as it is to ensure they meet OFSTED standards. The committee was fully supportive of spending the money needed on the building to refurbish what was needed and agreed to this spend. The committee also wanted to send a positive message to the local community (even though the money had been spent previously) by passing a resoultion that other ideas for the local community that groups brought forward, would be looked upon favorably by the council.

So if you live near to the Maunds Hatch area and have an idea to help make your community a little better, why not get in touch and let me know, and we will see if we can make the scheme reality.

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