Isn’t it?

I am not the best person at dealing with heat, I know that and I try and stay in shade/indoors as much as possible in weather like this. Some of my work mates are not the same; a number of them came into work today looking a “steaming lobster” colour, and it looked from the way they moved that they were in pain.

Why do we Brits not learn? The first weekend of sunshine and people are stripping off, tanning and forgetting to lather on the sun tan lotion.

Maybe I have an aversion to burning because that’s all I do, I burn and go white again, burn and go white – I don’t tan much at all. Returning from the Caribbean last year after a fortnight where it was difficult to stay out of the sun people laughed at my sickly pale white legs….

But better pale than burnt and the skin cancer dangers that go with it I say!

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