One of the things that I do to relax, if I ever get a spare moment, is to potter in the Garden. Pottering I think is quintisentially English, and I enjoy it immensly.

I am not very good at gardening, as I don’t give it the time that it really deserves. My plants lurch from gardening session to session not knowing how much attention they will get and mostly end up fending for themselves.

I do like growing fruit and vegetables though. There is something, I think, that is genetically pre coded into certain men, the desire to grow food and provide for the family. Its something primitive and just on the edge of my consciousness, but it is there and this year it’s in full flow.

I only have a small garden and because I don’t have a lot of time the crops are limited, but I still have beans, peas, potatoes (in grow sacks), tomatoes, cauliflowers, broccoli, onions, garlic, lettuce (both red and green), strawberries and raspberries, oh and some asparagus but as it is its first year I cant pick any. It sounds an awful lot written down like that but overall takes up very little space in my small garden. I suspect if I had more time and didn’t mind sacrificing my lawn that the daughter plays on then I could produce an incredible amount of food!

I suppose that’s what makes Allotments more attractive to people these days, the chance of organic, locally produced food that tastes brilliant straight out of the ground!

I am seriously thinking about an allotment for future years, but suspect I will only be able to have one if I find some friends who want to “share” it with me!

If like me you have the urge to grow stuff, then why not consider an allotment yourself? Harlow Council have a number of sites around the town – Find out more here.

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