Gone, it seems, are the days of Ministers resigning over matters of principle.

I know that people see politics as a dirty game these days and that the public’s view of politicians could not be lower, but I long for a day where Ministers, the highest ranking officials of Government felt bound by a moral code, felt bound to be better than the rank and file, and were willing to fall on their sword should they do something wrong.

Chris Huhne is currently in the spotlight for having an affair. It seems he only let his wife know and decided to leave her, when confronted by a national newspaper.

Iain Dale has argued here that actually its not a resigning issue. I like Iain, and I love his blog, but respectfully I must disagree with him.

Any minister must have the trust and respect of the Country and of the Government that he/she serves. That trust MUST be reciprocated. I fail to see how a Minister can be trusted to tell the truth and do the best thing for the nation, having lied to and cheated on the wife that he solemnly promised to be faithful to forever.

I just can’t trust a man like that as a minister of state. And in all honesty can you?

I am not calling for Mr Huhne to resign as an MP. Only his electorate should have the ability to do that, and one of the reasons why I support the right to recall MPs. However I would not want to see Mr Huhne continue as a Minister.

Feel free to argue with me….

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