What a BAD night.

And yes I am talking about the footy!

It should have been a wonderful evening – and let me tell you why:

Firstly the Germans had lost earlier in the day; a warm feeling of Schadenfreude should have filled every Englishman.

Second we were Celebrating Robert Halfon’s win at the General Election at Harlow’s wonderful Royal British Legion club (its a lovely venue with a great big screen)

And third lets be honest England should have been about to trash the Algerians.

We witnessed a depressing turnout of sub standard football. I have been a leader long enough to recognise the problems, Fabio Capello obviously doesn’t see them yet. I always think leaders particularly strong leaders need to be able to bend in the breeze and not be so fixed on one direction that any problem snaps them like a hard twig. Leaders need to be more like Bamboo flexing in the wind.

Capello needs to see that some great players are great because they play a certain way, week in week out in the premiership. Asking them to play a different way just to fit into his preferred formation will not work. Fabio needs to be more flexible and accommodating to the styles of the players he has in his squad, and needs with only one chance left to let the players flow more like they do in their natural environment.

It’s fine having a team of the best individuals in the world, but if they don’t gel as a team, and are not allowed some degree of leniency then they will never achieve what they can.

Multiple rules and regulations can help an undisciplined team in the beginning, but lets be honest we all desire less regulation, less intervention and ultimately want to be able to work to the best of our abilities.

Fabio needs to relax and then perhaps the rest of the country can relax with him as we start winning.

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