This really annoyed me when I read it this evening.

How dare over very special friends the Americans stab us in the back like this…..again!

There was a time when American and British soldiers stood shoulder to shoulder, fighting and dying to repel the forces of tyranny. In fact that is exactly what they are still doing in Afghanistan.

Over the years Britain and America have been the strongest of Allies, so much so that we always speak of the special relationship without having to qualify because everyone knows who it is between.

I don’t think the special relationship really exists anymore, and to be honest I think its time that David Cameron said something.

Can you imagine if some nutty Japanese group demanded that the US handed over it’s 50th state of Hawaii to them to rule? Not only would the Americans treat the proposals as insane and be mightily offended, their closest allies would stand with them in decrying such proposals.

Yet when the boot is on the other foot they feel they can bin their allies for closer pan American ties and of course the prospect of vast oil reserves much closer to home than the unstable middle east.

But really this is not surprising, America has often been a bully and recently President Obama has shown he has no love for Britain, with some of his comments over the BP affair.

I think its time someone stood up to the playground bully. For me that someone is David Cameron. I am not looking for the scene from “Love Actually” – you know the one, that makes every British heart sing to be British, but I do expect our Prime Minister to stand up for the nation – all of the nation, even if they are a few islands thousands of miles from London.

Come on David. Tell Obama he is wrong and remind him that he is in serious danger of losing the special relationship.

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