So today I took a days annual leave from work to stay in Harlow and work on the election campaign instead.

First up was a meeting for all the Agents for the local elections (I am our Agent). Agents are there to keep the candidates within the law during election campaigns and to represent the candidates. It involves monitoring what is being spent and a lot of paperwork. Harlow Council is a good council for working with the agents of all the partys and holds helpful breifing sessions where all the agents can ask questions and hear the latest from the returning officer. I found out about the arrangements for the count on election night and such like.

The rest of the day was spent in the Party office, mainly printing leaflets for an envelope stuffing excercise on saturday morning; but I also spent a considerable ammount of time doing basic things like answering the phone and answering queries from the public, arranging for our poster team to visit with election sign boards and the like and handing out leaflets to vounteers for delivery when they popped by.

All in all a very satisfying day with lots achieved.

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