A busy day at work, followed when I got home with an urgent call from a resident with an issue of someone blocking their driveway. We managed to find the owner of the car and get it moved but the resident was obviously not happy.

After that I spent some time writing the last of some leaflets that I had been working on for our local election candidates.

Since it is the other Cllr Johnson’s birthday tomorrow we have a house guest this weekend, and so with my wife and her best mate on the couch chatting and watching trashy TV I took the opportunity to head over to Robert’s house in New Hall (just round the corner really) and meet up with the core campaign team.

We like to get together during election time at times when it wont impact on canvassing or delivery time so Friday night is an oft favorite.

First order of business Crisps – special ones that had been sent to Rob.

I think the thing that most amazes me about Rob’s campaign team is that its so young! Four of the seven people in the room were under 33, which by most Conservative Associations is very good, but I suspect is reflective of our new town demographics.

The advantages of this are that nothing is done “just because its the way it has always been done” which makes the team innovative and dynamic.

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