At the moment, those of you who follow this blog will know that there is a by-election campaign going on in the ward of Staple Tye in Harlow. The election is on Thursday (30th)…. so thats about 42 hours til polls open. Which kind of explains why I have not been blogging much in the past week. Apologies.

My days have been mostly:

Go to work (for those who don’t know I work in the Health Service as a Business and Performance Manager for a large London hospital trust, mainly looking after contracts with a lot of PCT’s and trying to get as much money for the trust to work on as possible)

Get home and spend a precious half hour or so with my daughter

Go out and knock on doors / deliver leaflets

Get home and eat

Then help write more leaflets / phone people to get extra deliverers/canvassers/organise other events.

In the odd gaps that can be found in that I have been doing my role as leader of the council and answering emails/calls through the day on my blackberry.

Most nights with all the council emails etc I have been getting to bed vvvvvery late…..

The thing is, I do actually enjoy it. I will however be looking forward to the Bank Holiday weekend as a relaxation post by-election and before the County Council/Euro election month hits us!

If you are in or near Harlow on Thursday and want to help the conservative party win a by election please do get in touch.

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