Today I was privilaged to attend the first time that Harlow granted the freedom of entry to the town to anyone. We presented it to the Essex Yeomanry. It was wonderful to see the result of the motion I moved at full council.

It was not only a wonderful parade, but it brought out the best in harlow. From people cheering and clapping our boys and girls to praising them afterwards, it was wonderful to see so many people supporting our heroes.

During the presentation of the freedom proclomation I have to admit that I got a lump in my throat….

Sadly not everyone feels as proud and supportive of them. There was apparently one minor incident where a group of people (who normally are seen with an armful of “socialist worker” publications ) shouted some abuse. But they were in the extreme minority.

I was really pleased to see so many people from Harlow celebrating the civic life of the town, and showing appreciation to Harlow’s troops.

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