Yesterday I had a wonderful experience!

I have been to many weddings over the years but never to a Sikh one.

That changed yesterday.

A guy that has worked with me for the last six months, invited Mrs J and I along with some other work colleagues to celebrate his wedding.

It was like no wedding I had ever been to.

There were some obvious differences, like the ceremony being in a language that I did not understand, and sitting on the other side of the temple to Mrs J.

The subtle differences were very interesting though, the fact that it was more than just a joining of two people but far more the joining of two families.

And the sheer size of the wedding was amazing. 600 people at both the temple and the reception. 600! Most weddings I have been to 200 has been considered very large, but 600 was just huge.

The reception was more like a giant awards ceremony than most wedding receptions, and the sheer vibrancy of the colours of the outfits that the ladies wore was incredible. Everyone had obviously put so much time into their outfits, and the tables and the food and everything else.

It was a real honour and a pleasure to have been invited to the wedding, to share the day with the happy couple and it was a wonderful experience culturally for me.

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