Harlow Council has got tough on Harlow benefit cheats with two recent prosecutions.

One case in particular caught my eye – Mrs Marian Wright of Old Harlow, claimed Council Tax benefit despite having whopping undeclared savings of over £48,000! She plead guilty recently at Harlow Magistrates Court.

I think not only is it good that the council is catching people who are cheating the system, but that they are now highlighting the cases like these to the press. Lets hope the local newspapers help us spread the word that Harlow and the Tax Payers of Harlow wont put up with people cheating the system.

For those who might be worried, a change in circumstances can effect your Council tax or Housing benefit, so its best to just talk to the Council and tell them about the change, or else you could be committing benefit fraud.

If you want to report a case of benefit fraud to Harlow Council, you can do so anonymously by calling 01279 446474/446655 or you can email them – fraud@harlow.gov.uk

Well done to the officers involved in detecting and prosecuting this fraud!

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