I got a press release from the government today.

Now my normal reaction at this point would be an urge to bin it!

I actually tend to read with disgust.

Today I saw it was about “housing for heroes” and gladly read on.

It appears the Government has just recognised that there might be a number of members of the armed forces returning from active service or being discharged from the forces following injury, who might actually need support.

So instead of:

Paying adequate compensation to wounded service personnel;

Having a better way of readjusting personnel in their return to civvie street;

Generally improving the housing on military bases in the first place…. I could go on but you get the idea,

Instead of this, they tell local councils to take care of these Heroes.

Well you know what Mr Brown?
We and many council like ours are well in front of you, and we want to care for our Heroes!

I have already blogged about what Harlow Council is doing around this issue here. And we are very happy to be doing it. Just like we are happy to support the local reserve forces.

What makes me mad is that the Government had to be prompted by Councillors in authorities like Harlow, asking the questions of Government departments before they did anything.

But I wont stay mad for too long, because these Heroes need as much help as we can all give.

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