A step back from politics for a moment for the most important debate of our times that is raging at the moment – Hot Cross Buns!

You see my friend Peter has been having a bit of a debate on his blog about Hot Cross Buns here.

Now having been brought up as a Catholic boy, I know that you should only eat them from Good Friday onwards, but like so many traditions that really has gone by the wayside these days, indeed growing up I remember with fondness the taste of freshly toasted buns with lashings of marg.

Still, I was going to try and keep to the Easter only idea this year.

That was until I got home from canvassing this evening to find my wife whipping some cream, with a pot of raspberry jam on the side and buns ready for toasting. Needless to say I was easily tempted and I can report to you all that Hot Cross Buns, served like cream tea scones are really most excellent!

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