Waking me refreshed from my exhausted Friday, my alarm on my phone has the words flashing at me “time for more leaflets!!!”

Is that just my mind playing tricks or has Mrs J (the other Councillor Johnson) been up to no good with my phone? Hmmmmm

In case you hadn’t realised from my previous blogs, we have a by-election coming up in Staple Tye ward in Harlow. The close of nominations for candidates is April 1st, but we already have our candidate chosen – Lorraine Calderella. She and her team have been working hard every day for months to knock on doors and deliver leaflets in the ward telling people about all the good work that the new Conservative council in Harlow is doing. Today we are having an action day to get a specific letter out to the whole ward and keep up the knocking on doors.

A team of about 20 people meet at the Party office at half nine and are all given handfuls of letters to deliver, those knocking on doors will be there at eleven (we try not to wake people early on Saturday) and lunch is provided from midday, before another session in the afternoon.

It’s a miserable day! Rain, hail and wind are all not great when you are delivering anything, as your hands get very cold and the leaflet/letter gets very damp. But we soldier on. Meeting residents in Harlow and getting information out to them is very important to us.

It funny but when you have a group together to do something like that there is often very good humour despite the weather, and so it is today. Which makes the bad weather bearable.

All in all a good day, with over 3000 letters delivered and two big estates knocked on.

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